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Tool: Worksheet: Assessing the Readiness of Potential Partners to Collaborate

Use this tool to prioritize potential partners, based on their readiness to work with you.

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Tool: Worksheet: Creating a Memorandum of Agreement

This worksheet offers a template for creating a simple memorandum of agreement.

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Tool: Worksheet: Determining Member Responsibilities

This worksheet can help you successfully match workgroup activities with member interests and skills.

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Tool: Worksheet: Developing a Recruitment Action Plan

This tool will help you map out and track who, when, and how to reach out to potential partners.

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Tool: Worksheet: Effective Social Media Planning

This worksheet presents important questions to consider prior to establishing a professional social media presence.

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Tool: Worksheet: Identifying New Partners

This tool can help you detect any gaps in your current prevention resources and identify potential partners to fill them.

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Tool: Worksheet: Revisiting Membership

This tool presents questions you can ask yourself or others on your team to facilitate a discussion about membership.

Small group of Wyoming PMO members meet around a table
Story: Wyoming PMO Integrates the Prevention of Substance Misuse and Suicide

Wyoming’s Prevention Management Organization represents a unique approach to addressing substance use and suicide prevention in an integrated way.

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Tool: You Gotta Hear This! Developing an Effective Elevator Pitch

Learn how to develop a compelling argument, or “elevator pitch,” for asking potential partners to collaborate.